A longing.
No longer just a need, a desire.
I crave you.
It's there now.
The constant battle I'm fighting each moment to keep myself from running back to you.

An emotional starvation from engaging my thoughts with you.
I feel outcast, left behind.

I revealed to much.

It was all there, once.

There was no craving, no need, no desire it was only there.
That pure blissful feeling of knowing things are cared for.
I was cared for. Loved and watched.

It's gone now. It's hollow now.
Hollowed out where that piece was.

Where do you take that craving when it chews through you at the darkest hours in the night?
When the shadows of the hollow claw into your heart leaving only the desire.
The longing.

The craving.

I don't know where to put the longing. How to cover it up and keep it out of mind.
Out of reach. Out of touch from the rest of me.
It's always there.
Aching. Craving.



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