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Hello! Welcome to the Unbound Topsites, a listing site for video game fandom based roleplays. If you run a forum or a website based around roleplaying in a video game fandom, this is the place to list your site.

This listing is maintained by the staff of Unbound a long-standing Dragon Age RP. In order to register your site here, there is a simple security question you'll need to answer. The link in the form will take you to Unbound's Affiliate page, where you can see the name of the staff account in left column. (Make sure to use all capital letters when you type in your reply.)

We have set up categories on this listing so you can look up forums by the different types of fandoms these roleplays are based on. If you would like to have a video game fandom listed that is not currently listed, you can list your site with the "Other" category, then leave a comment in the guest friendly Affiliate page on Unbound to request the appropriate category be added. If you let us know what site you've listed, we let you know when the new category is available.

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